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Lockdown self care

A number of patients have asked me what I am doing to navigate through the chaos of this lockdown. Here is what I have been doing to remain calm:

😌 Focus: rather than fixating on what you cannot control, channel your thoughts towards what is within your control and work on that. It is pointless to waste energy and emotions on things for which we cannot determine the outcome.

🤸🏻‍♀️ Movement: keep that qi/ life force circulating throughout your body. I have been grateful to be able to continue my yoga practice online with @yogicstate and @enso.body

🌞 Sunshine: we've been graced with a very sunny and warm end to this year's winter. Slow down and take notice of the sensations you feel as the surface of your skin warms up under the sun. Feel it slowly penetrate deeper into your body. I highly recommend exposing your completely naked back to the sun. Feels so good!

🗣 Connect: there are a plethora of online video calls and groups popping up as people hear the call to serve their community. Join in to share ideas and listen to the experiences of others. Recently I have been enjoying Friday nights with @thegoddesscircle_

✅ Achievement: at the end of each day, instead of regretting what you have not done, make a list of tasks that you have completed that day. You will then realise how much you have achieved that day which can help you build momentum to take on what needs to be done in the upcoming days.

🛀🏻 Ritual: take some time for yourself to do what makes you feel good. Whether its dancing to yourself in the mirror with that sensual playlist, following self care skin tips from @beautyonbonds , reading whilst taking a hot bath, be creative in finding joy.

💭 Let me know in the comments what you are doing during lockdown to help yourself feel good?


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