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Spring Time Fertility

As we transition into spring, the blossoming of flowers which will grow into fruit once pollinated reminds us of the fertility of the season. During these periods of change, it is the perfect time to reflect what we need to adjust in our own lives so that we can be comfortable in our own bodies and within our surrounding environment. ⁠

Over time, the creative force in women that was once highly revered has now become a source of intolerable pain and shame. Through the lens of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), any symptoms which women experience before, during and after their monthly bleeding are taken to be signs of disharmony within the body. The discomfort is signalling to us that action must be taken to rectify these imbalances. This will then enable the creative force to fulfil its functions smoothly and at the appropriate times allocated within the 28-day cycles. ⁠

Acupuncture and East Asian herbal medicine are available as solutions to address the array of reproductive conditions present in women’s lives today. Personalised treatments can address menstrual cramping, PMS/ PMT, infertility, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and low libido. ⁠

After a TCM treatment, not only will you leave feeling more attuned to your body, but the consultation will also provide you with an explanation of what is happening inside. This will give you a better understanding of your body and what has brought you into this current state. ⁠

To show your body the respect it deserves, book an appointment with Katrina⁠


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